Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Win! Win! Win!

 A number of wonderful bloggers are offering chances to win a copy of The Dark Light, so I thought it was time to get everything hooked up in one place, so you know exactly where to visit if you'd like a chance to win the book.

All contests were still running at the time of writing this and all are offering a pre-order of The Dark Light in either hardcopy or ebook (though ebook is a North America option only).


Lisa Lueddecker at The YA Connection

Catie at Movies in My Head--CONTEST NOW CLOSED!

Fifty Shades of YA Boys over at Dark Faerie Tales

Maria at Fantasy's Ink

Nicole Zoltack Where Fantasy & Love Take Flight  (Love that!)

Lolcat shenanigans over with Kayla Beck at Bibliophylia, Please. 

Thanks so much to all the bloggers who've give up their time and welcomed me and The Dark Light to their sites. I have to admit, I'm having an absolute blast meeting so many wonderful readers and writers and visiting their amazing sites. So, thank you!

Plus, there will be even more opportunities to get your hands on a copy of The Dark Light as we build up to August 28th, including multiple chances on The Dark Light Blog Tour beginning August 20th. Full details to follow, but it's going to be awesome! Phew!

Oh, and don't forget! If you're excited for The Dark Light's release, feel free to grab the countdown widget and plaster it all over the universe! Not long now!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait for the blog tour! <3 August 28 seems like suuuch long time! I seriously need to have that gorgeous copy in my hands! :) Anyway, I had such great time hopping through the blog! Thank you for the chance of winning, Sara! Love your answers in the interview (especially the character interview with Sol! ;))! <3