Thursday, May 10, 2012

The YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes--RESULTS

The YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes is now official over! Thank you so, so much to everyone who stopped by and entered. You really made the race something special. I can't believe how many entries I received. I just loved reading all of your comments (and drooling over the candy bars)!

I've accumulated all the entries, checked and double-checked that everyone was entered the correct number of times, and even roped in an independent adjudicator to make the draw (aka hubby).

So, on to the winners!!!!

The three signed hardcopies of THE DARK LIGHT go to:

Drum roll....

The Lost Lola

Hwa Sun


Congratulations, guys!!!! I so hope you enjoy the book. And, as the novel doesn't release for another few months, I'm going send you guys swag packs to keep you going until August 28th!

Five THE DARK LIGHT swag packs go to:

Another drum roll....

Laura Carter


States of Decay


Jenna D.

Wahoo!!!! Round of applause. Packs will include: A signed cover print of THE DARK LIGHT, a wristband, stickers, and a bookmark.

And finally....

More drum rolls....

That bonus, mystery prize I mentioned...

Yes, it's time for me to reveal the name of the candy bar featured in THE DARK LIGHT (yes, the book has an official candy bar). And that confectionery delight is...


I put the names of everyone who mentioned Snickers into a second draw to win the bonus, mystery prize. Wanna see what it is?

That's right! It's a full size, full frontal, in your face poster of THE DARK LIGHT's yummy cover. Screams.

So who won the bonus, mystery prize?

Full blown drum roll....

It was entry number 2....


Congratulations to all you guys, and again, thank you so, so much for taking part. Don't forget: EVERYONE gets a bookmark for entering, so do please send me a current address when you receive an email from me in the next few days. Please be patient as I get to everyone. There were a lot of entries.

And don't forget: If you're dying for THE DARK LIGHT to hit the shelves, the novel can be pre-ordered at:

Hugs, kisses, and candy bars!


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