Monday, March 5, 2012

So what's going on?

Tons... In the background.

But, mainly:

1. THE DARK LIGHT. Squeee. Or as my editor would say, wahoo! Things are starting to warm up now. We have:
  • An official release date: 28th August, 2012. Yep. That's in less than SIX MONTHS!!! LESS THEN SIX MONTHS!!!!. So...
  • Where's the cover? Aka. THE TOP SECRET COVER. It's coming, I promise.  Confession: I've seen it.  Fact: I saw it eight weeks ago.  Truth: I've been a blubbering, gibbering wreck ever since. Hint: IT'S FREAKING AMAZING! It really is a special one, and you definitely don't want to miss it. So far, unofficial reactions have included screams (many of those), gasps (also plentiful), and bucket loads of drool.
  • When will the cover be revealed? Soon.  I promise.
  • Plus, THE DARK LIGHT is now available for pre-order at all the major online retailers, such as this place, this place, and this place. But we're not on Goodreads. Yet. We will be. Very soon.
  • ARCS. Uh, yeah. Not sure about those yet. I do know that Simon Pulse will be handling all things ARCish. From what I gather, the ARCs will be going out widely, so there should be plenty of chances for reviewers/bloggers/librarians, etc. to get their hands on one. Plus, if anyone wants to request an ARC through me, I'll put up a request form once I know the ARCS are ready, and send them on to Pulse. Doesn't guarantee you'll get one. But, hey! Where's the harm in asking?

2. Writing. A whole bunch of it. Finished a draft of a supernatural stalker novel I've been tinkering with for some time. Have to say that I love it. Creepy. Exciting. And totally romantic, of course--don't panic, the stalker is definitely not the LI. Not sure what we'll be doing with it though, because of...

3. Super sekrit project number two. Yep. Super sekrit. Clue? It's been massively tough to write, has melted my brain on multiple occasions, and is a novel I want to be so, so good... Yeah. Guess what it is.

4. Grand Official Website. I have a wonderful, amazing designer weaving magic as we speak. But we won't be live until a) he's finished; and b) the cover is out and about (because it's going to be featured heavily--you'll understand once you've seen it. It's scorching!)

And that's pretty much it! We're ramping up. In the background.  And I'm writing like a maniac. As always.


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